No sensible food manufacturer would be happy to see their products returned from the market due to spoilage or packaging failures. This is why many food manufacturers invest in leak detection equipment that can detect even the smallest leaks. But first, what are the causes of food packaging failure? Check them out below.

1. Human Error

Many workers will get distracted, one way or the other, from work. They may be tired or unfocused. Others may lack the technical know-how when it comes to equipment handling. This can cause food package failure. Failing to detect human error can prove costly to the manufacturer.

2. Mechanical Failure

Machines used in the food packaging process can develop unnoticeable faults. As machines age, their levels of efficiency and functionality decline. They begin to malfunction. As a result of malfunctioning internal mechanical issues, manufacturers may not only face costly repair bills but also improperly sealed packaging. In turn, this damage reduces the shelf life of the products and may even pose health hazards if the items are consumed. Regular inspections and routine maintenance on equipment can save you a lot of stress.

3. Time Constraints

When it comes to any business, time is of the essence. In the food business, time is even more critical. However, packaging failures can occur when you try to meet tight schedules. Rather than hurry to meet a deadline, which can lead to mistakes, create a realistic schedule that will afford you the time to package food products safely and effectively, while giving enough time for quality control as well. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about food packaging failures.

4. Improper Equipment Settings

Another reason for food packaging failure is improper machine settings. Applying the wrong settings can cause leakage in food packages. Once a product is not sealed correctly, it can result in a spoiled or damaged product that is unsafe for consumption. Simply resetting the equipment can fix the issue. You may consider consulting with Flexpak inc to learn more.

5. Low-Quality Packaging Materials and Design

In a bid to save on costs and spend less, some food manufacturers use inferior packaging materials. This can result in costly damages in the long run. Shipping damaged products into the market puts your company at risk of a potential lawsuit. Other issues that may arise include product recalls and bad press. This is a big loss that can be avoided if only you invested in high-quality packaging materials and design. By doing so, your products will remain fresh and safe for consumption. At this juncture, it is only wise to consult a reputable packaging designer to create top-notch designs that further enhance the safety of your food products. If you don’t have a designer in-house, make sure to choose an experienced designer who adheres to the highest industry standards.

6. Poor Inspection

Food safety is a top priority in virtually all countries around the world. There are safeguards and inspection procedures in place that must be followed dutifully. With leak detection equipment, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products are sealed and safe.

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