Many people have observed the worst of atrocities when it comes to others and their laptops. People shove them into bags, throw them on their beds, eat around them and all sorts of other things that can cause serious damage to them. These devices aren’t very durable and it’s important to take care of them properly. Here are some ways to correctly maintain a computer.

Turn the Laptop Off Before Moving it

First, make sure it is off or on standby before moving it. While many people think that moving it while it is on and active is relatively harmless, it actually causes damage to the hard drive over time. Small vibrations that occur from moving the computer damage the hard drive; this is actually one of the main reasons why computer hard drives fail. When it is off or on standby, the hard drive isn’t moving or working and has less of a chance to be damaged if a mishap occurs while moving it or if it is handled roughly.

Clean the Laptop of Dust and Dirt

Another tip is to regularly use an air duster on the computer to blow away any dust and dirt from the keyboard and cooling vents. The vents are especially important as they get clogged over time and increase the likelihood that the computer will fail because of overheating. Excess keyboard grime affects the way that one is able to input data into the computer. Stuck keys and keys that require a great deal of force to depress can be caused by food and other particles stuck under the keys; cleaning the keyboard removes this grime and improves the keyboard’s performance.

Regularly Perform Maintenance On the Computer

Physical maintenance isn’t the only maintenance that needs to be perform on a computer. When a computer is first operated, programs run fast, the OS loads quickly and the computer is relatively clear of any errors. Over time and through normal usage, the computer can get bogged down very quickly with erroneous programs, massive file fragmentation and even filesystem errors. To avoid this, regularly run a defragmenter and hard drive checking program on the computer. For most cases, the programs included with the operating system work fine and do a great deal to ensure proper maintenance and function of the computer. Maintenance also includes uninstalling old programs that aren’t used or needed and also running a file cleanup program; file cleanup programs usually remove temporary files left by the operating system and programs, reducing clutter and freeing space on the hard drive.


Laptops are very useful computing devices: they have a high degree of portability and are comparable in performance to desktops. However, these devices must be maintained to ensure their proper function. Turning the computer off before moving it, cleaning the computer of dirt and grime, and maintaining the computer’s software and OS regularly are all key steps in adequately caring for the computer. These steps will ensure that the computer lasts for years and provides a plethora of utility.

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