Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007
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Microsoft Office 2007 is a powerful and popular suite of software programs that help you create professional-looking for work or pleasure. It is easy to find a used copy to buy Microsoft Office 2007 at online auction sites. You will find five popular Office applications that include Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Outlook. Each of the individual programs interacts with the other programs in the suite.

Common Office Features

There are menus and toolbars in most of the Windows programs that give you the right tools for your applications. Office elements are designed to adjust to the way you work by customizing the Office Ribbon. A file is created whenever you work with an Office application. A good rule of thumb is to save your work at least every few minutes. Quickly open a file by selecting the Office Applications display located on the right side of the Office menu. There is a new feature in Office 2007 called Live Preview. This allows you to see how the document is formatted before you apply them to your document.


Microsoft Word is the most popular program in the world. It has an abundance of features and is easy to use. Don’t let all the buttons and items on the screen overwhelm you as a beginner. It only takes a few mouse clicks to create a standard document. Buttons on the status bar show the document from various perspectives.


Excel is best known for its ability to create numerical spreadsheets. You can also use it to project company profits, keep track of business expenses or balance your checkbook. Excel is the most powerful spreadsheet program in the world. You can sort large amounts of data, extract information and perform calculations for specific criteria.


Many Office users overlook Publisher as a powerful application that helps you create brochures, calendars, business cards and more. This can eliminate the need to use a commercial printing company. There are tools that help you customize your publication with templates. You can add bullets and numbers by choosing the Formatting toolbar.


PowerPoint is a presentation program that helps you create slides where you can add sounds, animation, images and color to create a professional-looking business presentation. The program helps you get your message across during conferences, trade shows, meetings or seminars. You can also create optional handouts for the audience.


Outlook is a popular email program that offers the same tools as other Personal Information Management programs. The Calendar portion helps remind you of upcoming events. The Outlook Task features helps you stay organized. A to-do list is easy to create and lets you enter meeting information and other important business details.

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