Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010
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Microsoft Office 2010 introduces applications that share common tasks such as window controls, toolbars and the Ribbon. The first step is learning how to open the programs. You have two choices that include launching from the Start menu or double-clicking the shortcut icon located on the desktop. To create a shortcut, you can right-click on any blank area of the desktop. Choose New and then Shortcut and it will open the Create Shortcut dialog box.

The Help window will give you more information about how to complete specific tasks. You can also use the Help feature when you are offline without an Internet connection. It is easy to buy Microsoft Office 2010 online and delivered to your door. You have a suite of programs that include Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher. Each program operates under the same basic commands but performs separate functions.

Microsoft Word

Word is used to create documents such as memos, reports, manuscripts, faxes and letters. The formatting features give you the ability to change the font size, alter the text alignment and color. You can also add elements such as page numbers, table of contents, indexes and tables. However, many people prefer to use Excel for numerical calculations for indexes or tables. You have several choices to control how you view documents. The Zoom tool gives you the opportunity to magnify the page. There are five different views that include Print layout, outline, web layout and full-screen reading.

Microsoft PowerPoint

You can use PowerPoint to create presentation programs or slide presentations. You can also add video clips and photos to your slides. PowerPoint also gives you the opportunity to package your presentation on a CD or output it as a movie file. Add sound effects, animations and special effects that are engaging. You can use templates to help you create a new presentation that features various types of designs and color schemes.


Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager for the desktop. You can use Outlook’s Calendar to manage appointments or keep track of contacts. The mail component gives you the ability to send and receive emails and more. Let Outlook work for you using its major components to manage everyday tasks. Outlook also features a To-Do tab that helps you stay organized. Switch between components to perform the task you need.


Microsoft Publisher is a publishing program that you can use to produce and design a variety of publications. There is a large selection of predesigned publications built in the program that you can use as templates. The program’s formatting features make it easy to design publications that fit your needs. You can also select a blank publication and populate it with your own designs.

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