Obtaining Domain Name System or DNS security is one of the most important things you can do for your company and website. Even strong security measures can be side-stepped, however, as we will show you below in the worse DNS security incidents that have occurred to important companies. This might help you avoid similar issues in the future.

Hijacking of ICANN’s Domains

This hijacking happened in 2008, when hackers calling themselves NetDevilz took over ICANN’s site. They defaced the website and wreaked havoc on DNS security. It only took twenty minutes to fix the problem, but by then lots of people had clicked on that site. This hijacking led ICANN to create stricter security protocols to protect their clients’ domain names.

DDoS Attacks

There have been two DDoS attacks, with the first one starting in 2002 and lasting only about an hour. At its worst, the attack reached 900 mbps. It was not so much the attack itself that was so frightening, but how large it was, since it targeted all 13 DNS servers at the same time. This led to DDoS implementing new DNS protection methods, which were then tested by the second attack in 2007. This attack was larger than the first one, but it only managed to disable two of the 13 servers.

Kaminsky Bug

The Kaminsky Bug, which appeared in 2008, has been until now the most frightening security issues the internet has faced. It was created by Kaminsky, who found that the DNS security had weak points and who created a program that could target those weaknesses. He discovered a way for hackers to imitate any website easily. Even today, the Kaminksy Bug is still out there, forcing DNS providers to create better security measures.

Security Firm Destroyed by DDoS

Blue Security was put out of business by an attack in 2006. It only took two weeks for the company to fall apart after they were hacked. This company fought against spammers, but these spammers fought back by attacking their DNS’s infrastructure. This ended making thousands upon thousands of people’s blogs unusable for a number of hours.

These attacks have been the worst ones against DNS protection. Companies that offer these services have worked diligently to decrease the risk of them happening again, and are always on the lookout for innovative ways to offer their clients the protection they need to keep their domains safe at all times.

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